About Eclat

Eclat Global helps improve business performance by transforming culture, leadership and teams’ capabilities.

As a management consulting firm focused on growing companies, we approach performance holistically, ensuring that the people agenda is aligned with the business strategy. We strive for sustainable business models and seamless execution in the digital world.

Most of all, we master the human experience by unleashing the organization’s potential for maximum return on energy.

We are drawn to leaders with courage who take on challenges that will make the world a better place.

We respect those who start with themselves and their own organizations.

We celebrate when we are chosen as trusted advisors.

We make our purpose our mission.

We value life, inclusion, friendship, legacy, honor and purpose. 

We prefer freedom, collaboration, co-creation, win-win solutions, experiential and fear-free environments.

We learn, grow, adapt, and add value with our abundance mindset.

We are experienced global experts in people and organization matters.

We are skilled in mastering the human experience to help people and companies achieve their full potential.

We are in touch with ourselves and invested in our own development and transformation.

We experiment and lead by example, with accountability and professionalism.

Headquartered in Miami, we engage and support clients in America and their operations around the world.

Our Founder

Mariana Ortiz de Zarate is an Argentinian-American human resources executive, leadership coach and entrepreneur dedicated to helping leaders turn companies into better places to work.

Mariana started her career in 1996 at NCR, in Buenos Aires, Argentina and progressed taking bigger leading roles in companies like McDonald’s, Kellogg, Duke Energy and Schering-Plough in the South America region.

In 2009, she moved to Miami and focused her work on diversified industrial companies like Eaton, Rockwell Automation and Trane Technologies. During this time, Mariana’s accountability included employees, leaders and businesses around the world, including North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

In 2020, Mariana became a Leadership Coach, certified by the Institute for Transformational Leadership at Georgetown University.

Mariana is known for her passion and partnership with leaders to transform cultures and drive business results across industries and geographies, in fast-paced competitive markets. Focused on creating solutions for complex challenges, she is most of all a people developer. Energetic, open minded with strong critical thinking, decision making and execution capabilities Mariana will use her active listening and coaching skills to build long-lasting relationships with clients and team members.