Ensure M&A value creation with the right culture and leadership.


Acquiring new businesses by way of mergers, acquisitions and takeovers, also known as inorganic growth, is a strategic alternative that can help companies beat the competition faster or quickly seize an underserved market.

Speed is a key benefit of this growth strategy. An acquisition quickly gives your business new, developed capabilities, markets and products without having to build them from the ground up.

Faster does not mean easier. Creating value out of mergers and acquisitions is an art that requires a deep, focused approach and a clear, overarching plan that ensures the investment is aligned to the company’s strategy.

We believe the foundation of value creation is the analysis and assessment of the acquisition target’s culture, talent and leadership. Whether it complements the existing company or not, culture and talent can make or break the value  the acquiring company intends to create.

Ensure the success of your acquisition with a post-merger integration plan. We can help you engage people to work amiably and collaboratively, and learn and support each other through the change process.  A strong integration plan needs leadership, patience and a clear change management and communication plan.


Many acquisitions require divestitures of some sort as part of restructuring, raising cash or reducing debt. It is common for companies to use divestitures to manage their portfolio, by separating those operations that do not contribute to their core business.

Transactions like carve-outs, spin-offs, liquidations and split-offs need as much attention as the merger or acquisition itself. This is especially true if a company has added some less-profitable lines of business that are best to dispose of.

With the right culture, leadership and talent in place, successful divestitures will create value for both the selling and purchasing organizations.