Organizational Performance

Maximize your organization’s performance by finding the right connections between business drivers and key performance factors of your people.

Our Eclat Organizational Performance Assessment™ tool can give you a thorough analysis of your business’ opportunities for improvement.

Strategic Direction
Having a business strategy is the first step to any business’ success. Strategy, with a clearly defined purpose, articulates how your organization will position itself for success, creating a vision that aligns your actions. It is critical that your stakeholders know your strategy and understand it. In this way, they can align their focused efforts to drive performance and results.

Empowering Culture
A great culture can take your company to the next level. It’s critical to understand your current culture and how it impacts your business performance. It is about promoting the values and behaviors that will drive your vision, making it easier for your employees to navigate the organization and find the way to be successful in it.

Leadership Competence
Leaders are those who set the strategic direction and build the organizational culture with their beliefs, perspective, mindsets, actions and results. The caliber and nature of your leadership team will dictate the long-term health and sustainability of your business. 

Talent Management
One strategic advantage for every organization is having capable people that want to work for you, are engaged and want to stay for the long run. People bring unique talents, knowledge, techniques, perspectives, experiences and motivation that cannot be copied. Knowing how to include, inspire and unleash that talent will ignite innovation, creativity, commitment and unparalleled results overtime.

Performance Management
A strong performance system influences your organization by setting a clear roadmap for rewards and discipline. A performance system should include goals, feedback, learning, rewards and recognition tools that are aligned with your strategy.

Execution Capability
Even if your people are engaged and committed, have their goals to follow and understand the vision and purpose, they still need to be capable of doing their job. Increase your execution capability by teaching people effective methodologies combined with systems for performance and accountability. 

Organizational Structure
Organizing the work is key to effectiveness and efficiency. Find out which roles are key in your organization and what the best design is to drive the strategy forward. Connect where the work processes impact the culture and see how a better design can help you foster the right behaviors, agility and speed. 

Operational Health
Mastering your infrastructure management will make your business sustainable and efficient. Use people analytics to make data-driven connections between your current processes, policies, investment decisions and productivity actions to drive your company’s operational health.

Understanding The Report

With insights from your Eclat Organizational Performance Assessment™ report, it is time to start making connections between the current- state results and the impact these data points have on your customers and your organization. 

This assessment can help uncover hidden problems so you can create plans to address them quickly.

Data Point Example

In this example, the Eclat Organizational Performance Assessment™ revealed several areas this organization needs to address if it is to grow. On the surface, the talent management component is yielding a poor result. When taking a deeper dive, this organization finds that its sales account managers team’s voluntary turnover rate is at 8 percent annually compared to the overall organization’s target of less than 5 percent. The 24-month trend shows a 4-basis point increase in voluntary turnover—a trend that needs to be addressed.

Use the Eclat Organizational Performance Assessment™ report to do a root-cause analysis of the lowest-performing areas.
Take action to achieve the biggest positive impact.