Change Happens in Your Head First

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted our lives in many ways. Those who travelled a lot found themselves now working from home permanently. Parents with kids in school are now taking a main role in their schooling to help them with online activities. People used to meeting friends and family often, are self-quarantining to avoid getting sick or making others sick. When a big change is imposed on us, it is hard to accept it. Let alone find advantages in it. Consciously processing and capturing the benefits this time brought to you, starts in your head.

I want to encourage you to think about the impact this year had in your life. If you haven’t yet paused to reflect about this, take advantage of this rare situation to connect with your thoughts and emotions. What are those changes that, even imposed, you want to keep because it makes your life better? 

You may not want to ask yourself this question. You are probably hoping to get busy again, back to those “normal” roller-coaster days, so you can embrace your pre-pandemic life. Even if it was an imperfect life, you want it back. The pain of the status-quo is sometimes more tolerable than the fear of change. 

One day, however, the time to make a change will come and it will be difficult to resist it. If you consciously embrace quiet time to ponder, your true self will emerge more clearly. Don’t try to shut those ideas down, listen carefully. They are about your deepest desires and needs. They point out where they see incoherence in your life. They show you the inconsistency between what you value, how you behave and the decisions that you make. 

Change happens in your head first. When your intuition starts guiding you to have new thoughts about who you are, what you want and what is next, then you know is time to be courageous and face your fears. You may have to thank these difficult times for allowing you to rediscover your unique self and what is really important to you.

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